Boas!! Tava relembrando dumas coisas que o grande Selecta Dores havia me mostrado e dei-me de cara com essa belezura! Um duplo disco pra por ritmo aos teus dias! Se liga nafaixa 8: Christy Azuma & Uppers International – Naam!!


Do http://www.soundwayrecords.com/

Afro-music continues to inspire a whole host of musicians, producers and DJs but even now the full picture of Afro-music in the 1960s and 70s is still far from being properly represented. Ghana Soundz Volume 2 goes some way to readdressing the balance.

Following the success of Ghana Soundz Volume One, the second volume involved another a long journey to Ghana by music ethnologist and label owner Miles Cleret. This collection of unheard of and priceless gems visits the harder ground of Ghana, the pulsating centre that is afro-beat and afro-funk.

“After the recent deluge of second-rate Afro-beat compilations full of Western dance types ripping off serious musicians, Ghana Soundz Volume 2 comes up as fresh as an African daisy.” – Songlines, December 2004

“Yet another crucial comp from Soundway. […] Soundway has risen to the status of a label whose releases one can buy on faith alone.”
 – Exclaim magazine, Canada

– See more at: http://www.soundwayrecords.com/release/va—ghana-soundz-volume-2/ghana-soundz-volume-2-afro-beat-funk-and-fusion-in-70s-ghana-sndw003#sthash.wQrGDCRs.dpuf


 OUVIR! LISTEN! Ghana Soundz Volume 2 ~ Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70’s Ghana – 2004

A1–Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band* – Olufeme
Composed By – Oscar Sulley 2:34
A2–Joe Mensah – Africa Is Home
Composed By – Joe Mensah 8:54
A3–Ebo Taylor – Atwer Abroba
Composed By – Ebo Taylor 7:05
B1–Ebo Taylor Jnr.* & Wuta Wazuri – Mondo Soul Funky
Composed By – Ebo Taylor Jnr.* 4:59
B2–Sweet Talks, The* – Kye Kye Pe Aware
Composed By – J.Y. Torthy* 4:51
B3–Ogyatanaa Show Band, The – Disco Africa
Composed By – Kwadwo Donkoh 4:13
B4–Apagya Show Band, The – Tamfo Nyi Ekyir
Composed By – Ebo Taylor 3:56
C1–K. Frimpong* & Vis A Vis – Aboagyewaa
Composed By – K. Frimpong* 11:22
C2–Uhuru Dance Band, The – Agbadza
Composed By – George Amissah 3:28
C3–Uppers Chapter 2 – Samarin Bolga
Composed By – Traditional 2:50
D1–African Brothers, The* – Sakatumbe
Composed By – Nana Ampadu 6:40
D2–Marijata – No Condition Is Permanent
Composed By – Marijata 7:02
D3–Christy Azuma & Uppers International – Naam
Composed By – Christy Azuma 4:33

Faça um bom proveito de Gana e sua alma!

Uma boa audição!

Stay beautiful!



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