Billy Childish? Se eu fosse você ficaria um tanto quanto curioso por esse multi artista. Essa coletânea é uma mostra da parte musical de Childish. Quer ver o resto? AQUI!


OUVIR! LISTEN! Billy Childish ~ Archive From 1959 – The Billy Childish Story – 2009


Side The 1st
A1–Buff Medways – The Archive From 1959
A2–MBEs, The* – Thatcher’s Children
A3–Milkshakes, The* – Out Of Control
A4–Thee Headcoats – Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot
A5–Chatham Singers, The – Evil Thing
A6–MBEs, The – He’s Making A Tape
A7–Thee Headcoats – Pocahontas Was Her Name
A8–Pop Rivets, The – Kray Twins (Demo)
A9–Thee Mighty Caesars – You Make Me Die
Side The 2nd
B1–Buff Medways, The – Troubled Mind
B2–Thee Headcoatees – Davey Crockett
B3–Milkshakes, The* – Love Can Lose
B4–Jack Ketch & The Crowmen – Somebody Else
B5–Thee Headcoats – The Day I Beat My Father Up
B6–Kyra – This Wondrous Day (Flemish)
B7–Buff Medways, The – Medway Wheelers
B8–Buff Medways, The – I’m Glad I’m Not Like David Wise
Side The 3rd
C1–Thee Headcoatees – When You Stop Loving Me
C2–MBEs, The – Christmas 1979
C3–Thee Headcoatees – Hurt Me
C4–Thee Mighty Caesars – Loathsome ‘n’ Wild
C5–Chatham Singers, The – An Image Of You
C6–Thee Headcoats – She’s In Disguise
C7–Billy Childish And Singing Loins, The I Don’t Like The Man I Am
C8–Chatham Singers, The – The Man With The Gallows Eyes
C9–MBEs, The – Snack Crack
Side The 4th
D1–Thee Mighty Caesars – Cowboys Are Square
D2–Thee Headcoats – I’m Hurting
D3–Delmonas – I Feel Like Givin In
D4–Billy Childish – Ballad Of Hollis Brown
D5–Thee Headcoats – Every Little Thing
D6–Thee Headcoats – Headcoat Lane
D7–Buff Medways, The – Sally Sensation
D8–Thee Headcoatees – We Hate The Fuckin’ NME
Side The 5th
E1–Thee Mighty Caesars – Lie Detector
E2–Thee Headcoats – What’s Wrong With Me
E3–Buff Medways, The – Strood Lights
E4–Billy Childish – Get Out Of Here Pretty GIrl
E5–Thee Headcoats – It Aint Mine
E6–Milkshakes, The – For She
E7–Billy Childish – The Bitter Cup
E8–Thee Headcoats – Girl From ’62
Side The 6th
F1–Pop Rivets, The – Fun In The UK (Demo)
F2–MBEs, The – Birthday Boy
F3–Thee Headcoats – Fingers In The Sun
F4–Jack Ketch & The Crowmen – Mass Ignorance Culture
F5–Thee Headcoats – We’er Gone
F6–Kyra – Today Is The Nite
F7–Thee Headcoats – Rusty Hook
F8–Thee Mighty Caesars – I Was Led To Believe
F9–MBEs, The – Joe Strummers Grave

Boa Audição!


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